About Fermos

Executive Summary

We are a retail solutions company, headquartered in Montreal, Canada. We bolster your vision with over 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing. Our Montreal division is complemented by a well-established manufacturing partnership in Asia. Our team of designers and engineers are among the finest in the industry. Our over a 100,000 square feet facility in Montreal facilitates a well-equipped and modern space for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Our core competencies are in manufacturing of metal, wood, glass, mirror, and plastic/acrylic products. Our products are classified into three broad categories: Retail & Hospitality, Hardware, and Lighting.

Our retail spectrum includes, but is not limited to, tables, displays, counters, floor racks, mirrors, wall fixtures, merchandisers, accessories, hooks, hang bars, signing (including backlit), shelving, gondola, space-savers, organizer, bins, carts and storage fixtures. Additionally, we provide lighting solutions in the form of LED track lighting, and UV sanitation lighting. We also offer a wide range of electronic price labels, anti-theft devices, hardware, indicator locks, etcetera.

Our products for the hospitality industry include stainless steel and aluminum carts, wall fixtures, TV cabinets, modular wall systems, coffee tables, side tables, desks, singing, banners, LED, and lighting fixtures, to name a few.

Our product line also comprises a broad range of hardware items and accessories for B2B and B2C clients.

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